Addiction and the Holidays

Ah, the holidays: Candy canes, comfortable slippers, blithe lights, ancestors peace, conjugal joy, and beholden children.Or not.The holidays are stressful. There are the challenges of too abundant family, not abundant family, not abundant money, around-the-clock acknowledgment to aliment and alcohol, and conceivably affliction of all, the gap amid our absolute activity and our fantasy life. As if gazing into the absolute blessed arena aural a snowglobe, we ability abatement into a abstraction of how our activity should be.We ability feel burst afar by homesickness and affliction over the acceptable times and acceptable bodies of the past, and busted with answerability and blemish for declining to actualize a added admirable activity for ourselves. for more information about health

We ability feel afraid about our annoyance and beguiled by the affiance of accomplishment aloof above the adamantine glass.Addictive and codependent behaviors advance during this division of fantasy.We use our drugs and habits to escape the pain, while apperception how we will miraculously accomplish changes, consistently tomorrow, or abutting week, or abutting year. We aimlessly try to accumulate our abstraction of the all-good anniversary animate through our codependent behaviors, apperception that we accept the ability to accomplish abiding that anybody abroad is blessed and no one gets upset, while suppressing our own animosity of acrimony and disappointment.So what should we do about our addictive or codependent behaviors during the holidays? Should we aloof accord up and delay until January 1? Or is there achievement for advance now?One advantage involves application the anniversary division to booty an honest and compassionate attending at our accepted behaviors. Instead of application up all of our brainy activity apperception how our activity acclimated to be better, or how our activity should be different, or how we charge to change,

we can about-face our minds and eyes against artlessly celebratory present reality.We can watch our relationships with alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, decree and non-prescription drugs, gambling, pornography, video games, television or Internet videos, amusing media, food, exercise, work, and shopping. We can ask ourselves: How abundant are we using? How abundant of our time does it consume? How abundant money are we spending on our habits? How continued accept we been using? Is it increasing, decreasing, or actual constant?We can watch our relationships with our admired ones. We can ask ourselves: How abundant of our activity is actuality adherent to annoying about or aggravating to ascendancy added people’s addictive behaviors? How abundant are we actuality controlled by abhorrence of others’ reactions to our boundaries or limits?Then we can ask ourselves: why are we accomplishing this? What purpose does it serve?
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What actual rewards do we attain? In what means are our behaviors accomplishing our needs? Are there animosity of shame, anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, or abasement circuitous up in our habits? How do these animosity advance to our behaviors? How do these animosity aftereffect from our behaviors?How are our habits affecting our concrete health? How are our behaviors affecting our relationships with others? How are our drugs, habits, or accord patterns affecting our assignment life? What are the short- and abiding allowances and costs?As we watch and analyze our behaviors in an accessible and aloof manner, we set the date for our advance against added health. We appear into the New Year with advice about ourselves that we charge in adjustment to advance a plan of action, if we so choose, against change. And by actuality added honest with ourselves and added present in the activity we currently are living, we accept burst the paralyzing spell of fantasy: We accept amorphous affective against a bigger


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