Smoking Marijuana May Cause Men to Grow Breasts

Smoking marijuana may account gynecomastia, additionally accepted as man boobs, according to artificial surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.Gynecomastia can action back a man has added estrogen in his anatomy than testosterone, which can aftereffect in the development of added breast tissue than what is archetypal in best men, Youn explains in an beat he wrote for CNN.The alive additive cannabis has been apparent to abatement the testosterone levels in animals, creating an alterity in the arrangement of testosterone to estrogen.  for more information about health

This additionally causes testicles to compress and abnormalities to advance as able-bodied as affects how agent functions.This may not necessarily be the case in humans. However, some studies accept apparent that abiding marijuana users do accept lower testosterone levels than nonusers.A abstraction done in 1972 did appearance a articulation amid pot smoker and gynecomastia, while a 1977 abstraction did not. However, the Michigan artificial surgeon addendum that the 1977 abstraction suffered from a baby sample admeasurement and may not be actual accurate.”  for more details go to the link

The amends of marijuana is some state[s] could accomplish it easier for advisers to actuate the exact furnishings of cannabis use on hormone levels, gynecomastia and added actual functions,” Youn explains. “If a accurate articulation amid smoker pot and gynecomastia does exist, again we should apprehend to see a fasten in gynecomastia treatments in those states which accept legalized marijuana.”According to the American Society for Aesthetic Artificial Surgery, there was a 30 percent access in the cardinal of men ability artificial anaplasty to actual gynecomastia from 2011 to 2012.Youn concludes smoker pot “probably” can accord addition man boobs alike admitting added studies are still bare to prove the connection.He added that it has become accepted for himself and the majority of added artificial surgeons he has talked to to ask gynecomastia patients if they smoke pot, and if so, “it’s apparently best to put out that joint.”


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