Secrets to Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

The problem of fat accumulation is often found in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. People with this problem often search for quick fixes. Unfortunately, wishing away stubborn belly fat is not the solution.

In obese people, fat starts accumulating more around the organs, and this is often the cause of stubborn belly fat. Some of the factors which contribute to excessive belly fat include: stress, sleep, diet, and exercise.  article resource by

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Stress is a major cause of stubborn belly fat. Under stress, the body releases various hormones, such as adrenaline, cortisol, and insulin. These hormones cause an increase in appetite, production of more fat, and unfortunately, the settling of stubborn fat on the belly.   for more information about health

When you are stressed, close your eyes and take a few long, slow deep breaths. Find what works as a stressbuster for you—yoga, dance, music, meditation or long walks—and incorporate it in your life. It will not be long before you see the stubborn belly fat vanishing away.

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Believe it or not, bad sleep habits, irregular and inadequate sleep are a major cause of stubborn belly fat. Disturbances in the sleep rhythm cause the nervous system to produce the hormone cortisol, the creator of stubborn belly fat. Ensure that you get no less than six hours and no more than eight hours of sleep each night. Avoid stimulants like coffee, TV, alcohol, sugar, and exercise at least an hour before your bedtime and get yourself habituated to a wind-down routine.


Diet is automatically associated with stubborn belly fat. Start with simple changes. Start by adding a few extra portions of fruits and vegetables every day to your diet to add more soluble fiber. Change from using refined grain to whole wheat. Next, get rid of foods with high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar. Substitution with natural sweeteners will ensure a smooth transition. Eat more lean protein and substitute a portion of carbohydrates or fats daily with protein. Eliminate trans fats and stick to healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados. Drink eight to 10 glasses of water to flush out toxins and reduce your appetite. Cut down on cortisol-enhancing stimulants like coffee and fizzy drinks, which simply do not allow stubborn belly fat to go away.


Exercise has to be incorporated into your lifestyle to ensure that the belly fat goes away. Exercise should be fun or else you will find yourself relapsing into a sedentary lifestyle. Experiment a bit and find out what works for you. Bear in mind that exercising before breakfast produces better results and aerobic exercise has proved to be more effective than resistance training. Spot reduction does not work, so excessive abdominal exercises will not get rid of your stubborn belly fat, but an overall weight reduction will. Your options are endless—running, jumping rope, jogging, swimming, walking, soccer, Zumba, etc. As long as you find it fun, do it at least four times a week for at least 30 minutes. It improves your heart rate.

Making a few changes in your lifestyle has been scientifically proven to cause a decrease in body fat and subsequently help you in getting rid of stubborn belly fat.


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